220V to 110V.. possible !?

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#1: Post by Juanjo »


just got this (IMO) beautiful machine which I'd love to keep, IF I can man-up with wife.
BUT the machine is 220V and we only have 110V 15a in this apt.
I'm not very tech with electric stuff so I could use some inputs..
if is possible.. what do I need to change..

here is the machine
http://s215.photobucket.com/albums/cc11 ... mview=grid

thanks in advance..


#2: Post by hperry »

Orphan Espresso sells this one http://www.orphanespresso.com/index.php ... cts_id=870 which I have used successfully with my various 240s. Reliable, easy, and not very expensive.
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#3: Post by hperry »

Beautiful machine. The load limits on the orphan product might not fit with a commercial group. I'd contact Doug about whether there are heavier duty units for meet the higher demands of the 2 group.
Hal Perry

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Juanjo (original poster)

#4: Post by Juanjo (original poster) »

thanks a lot,

that's a good possibility..
the heat element of this machine is 3200W

will a 3000 watts transformer do?

thanks again,


#5: Post by hperry »

Not my area of expertise but I'd guess Doug would know. Email is the best way to communicate with them.
Hal Perry

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#6: Post by ira »

I think unless you can find 220 or bootstrap 220 by finding both sides of the line on different 110 outlets you're out of luck. The most a 115 household outlet can ever deliver is around 2200 watts and that's full rated load on a 20 amp plug, more likely you have 15 amp circuits which are limited to 1600 watts or so.

If you know what a meter is and you measure across the hots of various plugs in the apartment you might get lucky and find 220, but you really should know what you're doing. if you do that with a 3000 watt machine you'll need to make sure nothing shares those circuits that pulls more than a few watts or you'll be blowing breakers more often than not.


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#7: Post by HB »

Also see:

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Juanjo wrote:the heat element of this machine is 3200W
The limiting factor is what amperage your existing circuit wiring can support (amps = watts / volts, thus a 15A circuit can power a ~1600W appliance). It is unlikely that any of the circuits in your apartment except the one for your oven could support a 3200W appliance. I would ask an electrician for an estimate on a dedicated 220V circuit (my guess is one-half day's labor at $125 / hour + materials); of course you'd need to work through the landlord since you're living in an apartment.
Dan Kehn

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Juanjo (original poster)

#8: Post by Juanjo (original poster) »

Dan and Ali,

that makes a lot of sense..

but I'm confuse now..

Just called this guys
http://110220electronics.com/5000_volta ... l?cPath=57
and asked them:

Q. I have a 3200w appliance, will your 3000w transformer works
A. NO, you need the 5000w transformer

Q. my apartment have 15amps fuses, will your 5000w transformer and my 3200w appliance work with that setup.
A. YES, it will work.

is that possible or he was lying to make a sell?

on the other hand, I like the idea of getting an special 220V line in the apt..

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#9: Post by SwingT »

HB is correct.

While the linked transformer may handle the load (not sure of this) - your wiring won't be able to handle the current.

I believe your only possibility of running this safely is with a dedicated 230 volt circuit rated for the load.
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Juanjo (original poster)

#10: Post by Juanjo (original poster) »


I really liked this machine.. but is going to get to complicated for me..

since I'm trying to make sure the machine works in the garage to later bring it upstairs..
that means two electrician bill..:( way to much and to much complication.. GRRRRRR

regardless thanks a lot..

I learned something new about electric stuff today.. ;)