2018 Rocket Giotto V - new to me

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I picked this up locally on FB market place. Looks like it was hardly used. Pulled one shot when I got it home then it wouldn't work. Kept blowing water out of the overpressure valve. Took everything in the group head apart and it was clean. Vacuum valve was also spewing water. Talked to Rocket Espresso support and the said group head had to be clogged. Took it apart again and still clean. This time I took all the valves apart and lubed them. Slapped it all back together and works line a charm. Rocket is sending me a rebuild kit for the group head because all the seals are hard. Guy I purchased it from bought it new in 2018 and hardly used it. Love great deals.

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It sure looks like it could be in great shape, looks hardly used - Congrats !
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Thank you! I doubt the original owner pulled more than 50 shots out of the thing.
I was really impressed with Rocket tech support. They called me back right away and
dug around to get me the advice and parts I needed.

I know they have me as a customer in the future.