1982 Caffe' Roma CX-E30 Electric "espresso" maker

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Couldn't resist buying this brand new, 1982 Caffe' Roma CX-E30 electric "espresso" maker, that was still in it's original box. It's built by Columbia in Italy, and very much like the Bellman coffee makers. It seems more like an overly complicated moka pot, and I'm not sure I'll be able to make decent coffee with it, but I thought it would be fun to play with, and I like "old" appliances like this.

Enjoy some photos of the machine and the box, including the instructions for how to use it, and even some recipes...

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This is beautiful!
You might be able to pre-warm the water before adding the coffee (hence avoiding burning it before it brews). But even then, having the heating element integrated is probably a lot better than doing it on gas as the heat will mostly be concentrated on the boiler and not around the pot (again burning the coffee).

The bellman might have a little better tuning for brewing pressure, but I am not actually even sure it matters.

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Thanks, I'm very happy with the condition it's in. Literally brand new, never used, and the gaskets are soft and new.

I followed the instructions this morning, and it made about 8-10oz of "moka pot coffee," which was bitter. It may have made an "ok" Americano type of drink, but I drank it as-is, just to see what it was like. I'll try a little coarser grind next time, and see which way that takes the flavor. I can also add a tiny pinch of salt to calm the taste down. I didn't use it, but I did test out the steam wand, and it makes nice dry steam.

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Intriguing to say the least !

Thanks for posting & sharing.
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You're welcome! I thought it might be a fun machine to show.

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WOW. How lucky you are to have found it. This is the exact one I have. Boyfriend owned it for years but never used it. Gave it to me last year, I think. I am pretty sure it now needs new gaskets. Did your info give any idea as to how to buy replacements? I don't see it anywhere in your pics. I can tell you that, even though it leaks, it steams milk beautifully. I use Califia Barista Oat Milk and it makes "almost" perfect froth.