Conclusion and Resources

Throughout this piece, I urge people to talk to coffee professionals and other hobbyists, to try the famous espresso blends and cafés, and even to home roast, cup and blend for themselves. Ten years ago this would have been virtually impossible; five years ago, difficult. But since then the coffee Internet has exploded. It has put coffee enthusiasts from all around the world in touch with each other, circulated new knowledge more widely and more rapidly than ever before, and created a market large enough so several Internet vendors specializing in coffee related wares can make a living and provide us with a dizzying selection of state of the art items. The Internet has created a golden age for hobbyists in general, and for coffee hobbyists in particular.

There are thousands of coffee related sites. Here is a very short list of some of the major ones, as well as some of my favorites, organized by type.

Information and Review Sites

Newsgroups and Forums

Roasters and cafés

Home Roasting and Green Coffee

Internet Coffee Equipment Vendors

Personal Websites and Blogs

Professional Associations