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CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:This is intended to be a positive thread. Feedback for cafes and shops. Not right or wrong. Good or bad. Just feedback for consideration. AND ask where else to go in the city or town you are in so you can learn too.

We arrived at the Palazzo in Vegas for a 40th Anniversary celebration. On their Prestige level they have a LaVazzA machine.
Thought oh how fun. Burnt burnt burnt and they add sugar to the milk drinks. Is that to mask the burnt? I mentioned it to the desk in a nice way.

Anyone know of a good spot in Vegas on the strip? Seems to be lots of big chains only.

GoGoGo to Publicus if you can get to the old strip - great food too, once of my favorite shops period!


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TomC wrote:Publicus may have seen it's best days in the rear-view window, but I'd still go there for good coffee in Vegas before settling for what's more commonly offered to the general public. The Venetian in Vegas also picked up Dandelion Coffee as a partner, and serves coffee brewed on Ground Control, which is exceedingly tasty.

I haven't been to Vegas in almost 8 years so this is all from second hand reports.
I was at PublicUs in 2018 and loved it - food, coffee and overall experience were top-notch IMO. Has quality deteriorated that much that quickly?

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I went in August and found it to still be top notch. Granted, I did not have straight espresso, but I enjoyed both the food and latte I had.


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Almico wrote:
[snip] -and forgot to have a coffee at home.
How is this humanly possible? :shock:
Especially for someone in the business?

I shudder at the thought of leaving home without at least 2 doubles.
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discsinthesky wrote:I was at PublicUs in 2018 and loved it - food, coffee and overall experience were top-notch IMO. Has quality deteriorated that much that quickly?
That's great to hear. I had read and heard that it had gone down hill after Cole McBride left.

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For those you you interested in PublicUS (note the "US" is captialized), they are still a great shop and I am so thankful for the input.

We had a great meal and chatted quite a while with the barista. They still have their special side room with an early model Slayer but it was closed. The now have a three group Kees Spirit. We had a SO Ethiopian espresso and their blend espresso, and two caps. Very wonderful coffee and the food was good too. Of note the Barista recommended we try the following three shops in Vegas:

Vesta (also a roaster)

So there you have it, sometimes finding the worst leads to the best.

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Yes vesta, and mothership are good as well. In fact, Mothership is right by PubliUS. That said, if you really need a fix on the strip its hard to find a good spot! I know as I was just there.

The only remotely good coffee I found was at "District" in the Cosmopolitan. Some tasty breakfast options as well! In fact, there are some great spots to eat in Cosmopolitan.
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