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dparrish wrote:Caffe Lusso's Gran Miscela Carmo is a forum favorite (milk chocolate), as is any of the Saka blends (Cantina Coffee)...many of us love the Gran Bar and Crema Bar. The Gran Bar is chocolate with a bit of hazelnut and a slight winyness; the Crema Bar (with more robusta content) has a bit more of the hazelnut notes). I also love Espresso Vivace's Vita which is great in milk, but it is more caramel than chocolate (though caramel in spades).
Thanks David for reminding me about Saka. I need to try some.

Whole heartedly agree with you about Vivace's Vita as it has been my bean of choice for the past few weeks. It is excellent but as you point out, goes more to caramel.
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THE most chocolate forward espresso I've tried has been the Blue Bottle Hayes brewed at 1.5:1, 20g in 30g out VST 20g basket or however you want to obtain an extraction of 19.0-19.5%.

Second to the Hayes would be Caffe Lusso's GMC. Less chocolate and texture, but more nutty and easier to dial in.