A year of supporting local roasters

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As part of my Christmas gift to my parents, I purchased coffee for them for a year (new bag of espresso a month).

I supported local roasters in my province (mainly Edmonton and Calgary) which made me feel good :)

I can definitely say that there some HUGE differences in quality so it pays to try before you consider a subscription.

Of the 12, there are 3 that I would go back to without hesitation, 3 that are a maybe and 6 that were simply awful (both in taste and customer service).

It was a great journey as I got to test many different blends from around the globe and learned which I loved and which were not for me.

I would highly recommend doing this if you are coffee curious like I am.

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Please name the roasters.
-"Good quality brings happiness as you use it" - Nobuho Miya, Kamasada