Wolf Coffee OCR [Organic City Roast]

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Wolf Coffee Organic City Roast

"This was a collaborative effort with our Wolf Pack community, and after several test batches and tweaks, we've landed on a balanced blend that captures the essence of a light roast while not abandoning the medium roast drinker."

Website says 'berries, hazelnut, cacao' and is accurate.

It's an easy pulling medium roast that works as espresso, in milk and as drip.

Espresso: Niche 14.5, 17.5g, IMS double, 8.5 bar, 194°F, ≈35g in ≈28s from drop one.

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This blend sounds interesting. How does it compare with their espresso blend? I really like their espresso blend and I am already on a second 5lbs bag.

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It's a milder than the espresso blend as it's lighter roast.

We had guests this morning for panettone and all thought the coffee excellent, both as espresso and filter.

I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.