Wolf Coffee Espresso Roast - classic northern Italian

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As roasts get ever lighter, those of us that cut our teeth on classic Italian espresso are often hard pressed to find it.

Wolf Coffee Organic Espresso Roast can take you back.

Ground on the Niche and brewed on the Vibiemme Double Boiler, it has just enough initial bitterness, a great mouthfeel with a finish than can be called silken. Hints of toast, nut, cinnamon. Lingers for an hour or more.

Niche 5.5 [pretty fine] 16.5g
Ridgeless LM double
8.5 bar @ 195°F on the cake for ≈32g in 25s


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you're from the same town as the bloke they quoted in the description!


sounds great, will add it to the list...