Why AGUST, why?

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Postby Spad_VII » Feb 03, 2019, 12:52 pm

I'm writing this in the scarce hope that someone of AGUST coffee company will pass thru and read this post.

I bought their Sidamo single origin twice.
First time I wasted half bag to dial in the machine (was among the first coffees I was grinding by myself). The second half of the bag was some outer world experience. The best of the best, right at my home! :shock:
This lasted as much as 125 grams can last, really too little. I've bought half of their catalogue, one bag each type, but nothing stood up that one.

I've recently made another order, ordering the other half of the catalogue, including another Sidamo bag, of course.
I've noticed immediately how the beans were less roasted than before (never seen a so light roast actually) and the Apollo made a good effort eating them. This time the taste was SOUR (bleh!) just like lead acid battery juice could be :x
I've tried to grind finer and finer up to complete choke, nothing to do, at the fine end it just tastes dark, bitter and SOUR like hell.

Now hear me please, if you are happy with this so called third wave junk ok, I could not care less. But why on earth you write "medium roast" on bags when this barely saw the roasting drum interiors? :evil:

Thanks God here is upper north Italy, and I have all the country to dig into, as beans go progressively darker as I buy south stuff.

The point is that you have some sent-by-god beans and you are ruining them for the posh-ness sake only.
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Postby untoldex » Feb 05, 2019, 8:04 am

Are you sure they just changed to roast lighter? Perhaps it was just issue with this particular batch?

I'm currently having their Natura Equa, medium roasted as it should. Good balance between sourness and bitterness, and quite sweetness. But when I lowered pstat in my Export, then got sour effect in the cup.


Postby Spad_VII » Feb 06, 2019, 5:19 pm

I've also tried Natura Equa, good blend indeed, but I found it having a too narrow sweet spot. Maybe great for who wants to challenge the consistency of the setup, less good if you just want to wake up and make a coffee...

At the moment I'm using the "Cremoso" blend from Agust, that's nice as is a super easy blend, which can deliver good results no matter how you grind and pull. But nothing special. Is good, but really standard classic "North Italian medium roast". Is a bit boring, but at list it does 100% how is advertised for on the label, and super easy to pull.

I was deeply disappointed by the recent Ethiopian batch, I felt immediately the beans way harder to grind, and the coffee had nothing to do with the previous bag. :cry: That was insane, by fiddling with grind, tamp and dose you could explore thru a rainbow.

Well, I have other roasters in the nearby, I'll give a try to Trismoka next time.
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Postby untoldex » Feb 10, 2019, 1:07 pm

What a coincidence, yesterday I opened Agust Cremoso as well :)
The best I got when group was very hot (~70C), dosed 13g, one pull, 18g out. Quite dense, sweet with aftertaste of toasted bread as in description, with very little bitternes.

So far I was rather away from italian blends, for few years drinking only light roasted single origins in V60 or Frenchpress. But after getting PV Export, started exploring these blends and I'm enjoying them so far :)

The thing is that here in Poland, it's difficult to get fresh italian blends. Augst Cremoso I got was roasted Jan 2019, so quite nice. There are some shops that have beans with 2-3 months post roast dates, but majority are older than 6 months.

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Postby peacecup » Feb 12, 2019, 3:25 pm


I had Agust long ago and really liked it - one of the classy operations. But there are so many others there in Italia, so I guess there's always something good around.
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