Whiskey Barrel Coffee - New Favorite?

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Hey all,

A friend of mine that lives in Denver recently suggested a roaster that I hadn't heard of before: https://whiskeybarrelcoffee.com/ I've had a few phone conversations with the owner about his roasting process, the flavors in the blends, etc... Super nice guy and very approachable.

He's not into single origins or the latest light roast techniques but he strives for solid consistent results for each blend he has. (Which I appreciate because I'm not a fan of the newer 3rd wave "fruity" stuff - I'm much more into the old style comfort blends.)

Anyway, I haven't tried any of his actual whiskey barrel infused blends, but have tried most of the others. All very good but my favorite so far is the "Embers". To me, it starts off as a nice rich full-body but has a hint of some dark cherry at the end that lingers... (Keep in mind that I'm not very good at describing what my palate is picking up!). I also liked the Old School which is a bit darker but has a little bit of "bright" mixed in so it's not flat at all. I also tried the Blacksmith which was good but I liked the others better.

Just got an order from him today with a bag of the Italian Roast to try along with a 5# bag of the Embers to stock my freezer.

Great blends if you are into the "comfort" roasts and a super nice guy to talk to so I wanted to give him a shout-out... Highly recommended!

As a reference some of the other blends I like are Northbound Prana, Dillano's Hannah's Private Reserve, La Colombe Nizza, Nicoletti, Buon Giorno Inverno, etc. Curiously, many of the other typical recommendations I've seen on here tasted too "bright" for me (Kaldi 700, Intelligentsia Black Cat, B&W Classic, Dragonfly Crema Dolce, etc.)


Team HB

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Major kudos for describing your tastes -- it makes your opinions much more valuable to everyone!


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Thx. I'm 15-20 mins away. Will have to swing by and check them out.