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iploya wrote:Most of their sales are online, direct from the farm, always fresh. Is it worth $100/lb? I'm not sure. For me, once in a while. I have not bought it for a few years.
Okay, thanks. Sometimes my wife pesters me for an idea for a birthday or Christmas gift and maybe this can be one of those.

Did you have any particular favorites of their offerings?

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jpender wrote:Did you have any particular favorites of their offerings?
Hi, no, I didn't have particular favorite. In the past I don't recall ever being disappointed after trying a bunch of different ones. They have gift sets but you're paying a price premium. If it were me I would select a lower or mid-priced so I could get more coffee within the gift budget. Now that I look back at their website some of it is as low as $45 a pound for dark roast or around 65 for medium. Maybe try a pound of something less expensive and half a pound of the more expensive and compare. Kona Sweet I think is on sale for 20% off. And they have something called Kona sweet prime, I'm not sure the difference but it's less expensive.


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Thanks, I appreciate it. I wish I'd known about them back when I bought that other coffee earlier this year.

I guess I am still interested in Kona. :-)

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BaristaBob wrote:Just love that photo. . . Also did you hear any talk about Kona Mokka? I heard these trees (originally from Yemen) are now producing.
Thanks BaristaBob. :)

She did not mention Kona Mokka. I Googled that and found a review from 2018, but I don't see it on their site. I wonder if it was taken offline for some reason (could it have succumbed to the crop disease mentioned above?) or if those beans now go into another product?


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It's been a long time since I've ordered from them, but Kona Coffee & Tea, offers light, medium and dark roasts. I can't say on the freshness of an order, but it's just an option.