When to freeze coffee beans?

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I bought 5lbs of my favorite espresso beans, in separate 10oz bags. They were roasted 4 days ago. I plan to vacuum seal and freeze the portions in not using, but how long off roast should I wait? thanks!

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#2: Post by Jeff »

My approach is "when they are about to be their best". I try to hit the middle of the open-bag time with the middle of the best-flavor range.

(It will vary a lot by blend and roast. Some classic espresso blends and roasts are best in the first week, others in the second or third or later. One very light coffee I have is "Best between: 30-100 days after roast".)

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These are medium roast espresso beans, if that helps.

How long will they last in the freezer?

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I recently found a bag of beans at the bottom of my freezer that was over a year old. They tasted quite good.

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I'm freezing 14 days from roast date. But I'm putting them in small 1 serving size / Gram size I'm only doing 4 espressos every weekend. The rest is filtered. Sounds like your drinking them daily so larger bags are better