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Ok I'll keep this as short as possible, we have been making espresso with Peet's Coffee Beans for 4 years now. We go back and forth between Major Dickinson's and Espresso Forte, they are both truly great for our lattes.

We get 2 one pound bags delivered every week, it started with a batch of forte almost a month ago, the shots ran really quickly. It almost just poured out like a faucet.

We use Rocket Giotto R, and a DF64 with SSP HU burrs, and between the 2 dark roast we only adjust our grinder maybe 1 notch around 15 normally. We tried going all the way down to 5 on the grinder which is very fine, and it slowed down but still acted fast and it's just not the same. Then we switched our subscription from Espresso Forte to Major Dickinson's and like a true nightmare the Major Dickinson's is doing the same thing.

Is anyone noticing any changes with Peet's coffee beans? To make things worse, today I said screw it and went to grocery store and bought Peet's Major Dickinson's of the shelf with a 4 week old roast date and it was like others. It's so bad we are trying new beans, just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issues?

PS it's not our equipment, we bought a old dated bag from grocery store and the shots were normal. PLEASE HELP
Brian H.

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Whether a member of the Peet's conglomerate or a tiny roaster, if they aren't reliably giving you the flavors you're looking for, look elsewhere.

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As Jeff says.

One diagnosis: The coffee is grinding without enough fines to create a good puck, This happens when darker roasted coffee with no Robusta, especially Indo heavy ones like Peets, get very old. Somebody may be dumping last year's roasts on you
Jim Schulman

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Had a recent batch of Lavazza Gran Crema do this. Had to go so fine it was comical. Tasted stale. I agree, probably old coffee being sent out.

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Peet's puts their roast date plainly on all their bags, so it would be easy to make sure coffee was fresh.

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The fact that the OP had this problem with two different Peet's blends makes me suspect it is not due to the coffee but the equipment. Given the OP's experience I'm sure the technique is fine. That the problem (at least the extraction rate) doesn't seem to improve with finer grinding points to a problem that recently developed in the grinder. These are just guesses. Using a different grinder would be worth at least a try before blaming the coffee. :)

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He did note that other coffees work fine.


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Hard to say but it could be either bad greens or an old roast. Both coffees OP mentioned appear to be sourced from the same regions insofar as Peets marketing states. Its just a guess its likely the same greens at either different blend, roast level or both. I have a difficult time imagining they have coffee sitting around long enough go stale

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I think of Peet's as supermarket premium. You could do far worse on the supermarket shelf. But why limit yourself.

You could get 5 lbs of fresher, better-quality espresso beans for $56 (or better with a discount code) for something like this:

https://blackoakcoffee.com/products/duo ... 6165660783

LaNovice1982 (original poster)

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Thanks for all the responses guys. We did a little investigating and it's definitely the coffee, we are getting our weekly bags that are 6 to 8 days off roast date and they have been running really fast for the last 4 weeks. We bought bag's from the grocery store only to test the coffee, fresh Peet's coffee beans doesn't compare to 5 week old Peet's from the store honestly. The bags with 6/24 roast date ran normal and the 2 other bags 7/5 and 7/14 ran fast. We also ordered a bag from Stumptown which also ran great, but we didn't like the citrus taste of hair bender.

I will be order a bag from black oak coffee iploya, since we are in the market for new beans. Thanks for the link, we haven't really tested other beans besides the obvious stuff out there, Lavazza, Lifeboost, deathwish, ect. Starbucks was our first bean and that didn't last long lol.

Thanks again and I'm open for ideas of new coffee beans
Brian H.