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#91: Post by spressomon »

Thoroughly enjoying the recently released seasonal Coffee Lover from Northbound. This is my perennial favorite bean blend and roast from them...
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#92: Post by Mat-O-Matic »

Brought home my second bag of Gigi Ahmed Ethiopian natural from Puff (Portland). WAY darker than I've enjoyed in years, but ground fine and pulled around 1:1.3, it is fantastic. The bag says Strawberry Pop Tart which is accurate. Very sweet, balanced, underpinned by cocoa. I get a full texture that some might think verges on muddy, typical of the tight ratio, but the sweet berry does not lose clarity. In fact, I think it is best featured at this point. Longer ratios let too much roast flavor through, shorter ratios lose balance.
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#93: Post by theMac »

I just picked up a bag of coffee from a local roaster that pleasantly surprised me. I pulled a shot this afternoon that was amazing.
The roaster is called Lone Oak Coffee and it was their seasonal winter blend called Frostbite.
https://www.loneoakcoffee.com/store/p11 ... Blend.html

This is my first time buying coffee from this roaster and it was good.


#94: Post by tyfabes »

This bag from Idle Hands Roasting Company is the best coffee I've had in the last 12 months.

It's a double anaerobic processed coffee and the notes on the bag are spot on (Cola Candy, Pineapple, Syrupy). It's pricey, but well worth it!

https://idlehandsroasting.com/shop/p/me ... ral-typica

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#95: Post by Chert »

I recently had that sample. I went searching and saw they had some. My wee sample is memorable as being quite tasty. I'm glad to hear that idle hands represents it well. There is an east coast roaster offering #7 , a gesha iirc.
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