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El Salvador Apaneca Finca Miraville from Sweet marias. Home roasted, I had a revelation :D I read 'coffee and espresso blends ' article here at HB and came to apreciate natural process coffee beans. So much better for espresso shots, I usually have mine as a Capo in B.What a great website y'all have here :)

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Pour-over...looking for light roasted bean recommendations to purchase immediately.
Sweet, Fruit, berry, orange etc..


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Try Ivan Solis - Candy Natural from Black & White. It has orange/citrus notes.


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MSS wrote: The pour over was reminiscent of the espresso pulls, tasting over roasted and strong unpleasant flavors.
skittles_s wrote:Piling on w/re to the Klatch Guji. It doesn't lack personality, that's for sure.
RyanP wrote:If you think it's "a lot" as pourover just wait until you pull an espresso! :shock:
jasonmolinari wrote: I tried it as pourover first (before espresso) and to me, it was even worse. It tasted straight up defective.
So I ran out of beans and forgot to place an order so waiting on that shipment. I remembered I still had some of that Guji in the freezer. So I tried pour over as I already hated it for espresso lol. Ooooof, I don't know which is worse, espresso or pour over. It's just gross, even iced it taste like fermented wine that went bad.

This may be the worse coffee I've ever had by far in 12+ years lol. There's no way the Klatch guys liked it, I bet they all gagged too. Funny thing is I chatted with another Roaster and I brought it up, he actually sampled it and did not buy those Guji greens lol. Said it was in the top 5 of worst coffees he's ever had.