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jasonmolinari wrote:Further info, this is a polaizing coffee. My wife cannot drink it in her cappuccino, she said it tastes "spoiled". I can definitely see that being used as a descriptor.

this is the coffee i'm referring to:
https://www.klatchcoffee.com/products/e ... atural-gr1
Yea, that's me too. I actually love a good funky fruit natural but that guji from klatch is overwhelmingly fermenty to my tastes. So much so that it even kind of made me nauseous.


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After seeing positive reviews, I ordered two pounds of Ethiopia Uraga Guji Anaerobic Natural, the roast was advertised medium light. I let the coffee rest for 7 days and made a few espressos and cappuccinos, they were horrible. The coffee visually was extremely dark. I contacted Klatch and they sent me a note, that the Ethiopia Uraga Guji Anaerobic Natural did not work well as an espresso and should try a pour over. I did brew a chemex pour over, advertised flavors were not there. The pour over was reminiscent of the espresso pulls, tasting over roasted and strong unpleasant flavors.
. The picture attached shows Black And White Classic which is advertised as medium dark (beans on top and smaller grouping) and the Guji anaerobic (larger amount and at bottom of the photo) and supposedly roasted to medium light. Over the last several years I have had two or three undrinkable coffees, the Guji Anaerobic was discarded as well.


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I just came back from Mount Shasta and want to shout out for Northbound Coffee Roasters! I was unexpectedly wowed by both bags I bought from them! I tried their American Beauty and Ethiopia.

I always try to buy beans wherever I travel and this was a delightful surprise. Has anyone experienced making an oat latte where the top layer feels like salt and cocoa has been sprinkled on top creating layers of texture to drinking experience? That's how I would describe why I enjoyed these beans.


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I second this. Northbound is always a great value for the quality. Big fan of their staple Ethiopians and their Headstash roasts are usually fantastic.


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RyanP wrote:Yea, that's me too. I actually love a good funky fruit natural but that guji from klatch is overwhelmingly fermenty to my tastes. So much so that it even kind of made me nauseous.
Yup, 100%. Someone else just messaged me if I liked it, that's the 2nd person lol.

I think at first I was so perplexed and shocked that's why I liked it, but quickly fell into mehhh don't want this. It's too f'n weird but not in a good way. At least for 'Spro, maybe pour over or cold brew would be better? The wine ans fermented notes are just overwhelming. I've tried different doses, profiling, normal pull, even just pulling at X pressure like 80% the whole time. Makes even iced milk drinks taste like fermented wine, not appetizing lol.

I loved that Summertime Blend, and there's a hint of wine like note but I doubt the GR1 is in it. That blend is a blueberry delicious sucker punch.

I just made another shot with the GR1 and sipped about half and than dumped rest down sink lol


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Piling on w/re to the Klatch Guji. It doesn't lack personality, that's for sure. I could enjoy it occasionally as a novelty but it's just not for me on the regular (brewed pour over, no shots yet).

I ordered a 2# bag. Whoops. I've gifted half to a coffee-loving colleague. I'll be interested to see if his impressions vary at all.


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If you think it's "a lot" as pourover just wait until you pull an espresso! :shock:


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Just a last post on this Guji...
I've concluded i dont like it. At first it was interesting and novel and made me think about how different coffees can be, now i just don't like it.

Interestingly I tried grinding with the Niche (it was on my Mono max otherwise), and it's more tolerable. Good? No, but i can maybe not just throw away the 2nd lb i have.

I tried it as pourover first (before espresso) and to me, it was even worse. It tasted straight up defective.
Maybe i'll try it as cold brew or iced...


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Picked up a natural Chachagui colombian from Bolt coffee (providence, RI) a few weeks ago and it has some pretty intense fruit flavors I've been really enjoying as a pour over. I finished the bag before I tried pulling a shot, would've been really interesting to see how the fruits came through as an espresso. It's definitely one of the more fruit-forward naturals I've had recently (definitely not on the muted/super clean side of the natural spectrum) and I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of some of the natural Guji coffee's I've had from Tandem in Portland with how strong the berry notes were.

https://www.boltcoffeeco.com/shopbolt/p ... ui-natural


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Just picked up a natural process Ethiopian Laayyoo at Ceremony Roasters in Annapolis. Had the first cup this morning. The blueberry was very prominent in the grounds, more muted in the cup. I have some dialing in to do. I brewed with the Hario Switch and I think it got a little over extracted so I'm going to try V60 pour over with my next cup.