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Camber in Bellingham WA got a shoutout on the original wow thread. At milstead & co in Seattle I saw, bought this bag of coffee. The roast is even in color, the la Pavoni americano I made resonates the notes in the bag : bing cherry, kiwi, sugarcane.

LMWDP #198


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Currently enjoying a bag of single origin "Brazilian Cake Lady" from Red Bay Coffee. I have been pulling 1:1 ratio ristrettos at ~19 g that are proving to be very well-extracted and flavorful (both for straight shots and cappuccinos). The acidity is indeed mild and has loads of golden raisin and mild honey-like sweetness. If you recently converted from dark roasts to medium roast, but still want something with subdued acidity but lots of character, this one is a solid choice.


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doug wrote:Thank you for the Guji recommendation! Just got a 2lb bag in yesterday. In blueberry and sherry heaven this morning.
Just started pulling this coffee and my mind is somewhat blown. I can't say I've ever experienced a coffee like this. It's like a fruit juice wine.


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Further info, this is a polaizing coffee. My wife cannot drink it in her cappuccino, she said it tastes "spoiled". I can definitely see that being used as a descriptor.

this is the coffee i'm referring to:
https://www.klatchcoffee.com/products/e ... atural-gr1

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radioradio wrote:Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Annapolis MD (USA) has a great blend called Destroyer.
Nice bright with peach notes that even I can taste!
Greetings fellow Annipolitan.

i liked Pronto/ceremony when i first moved here, but they went too "third wave" for me - just not my jam - too bright and acidic. To be fair, it seems that is where most of the industry went and i am just stuck in the past - preferring traditional dark roasts. i wish they still had some traditional offerings so i could support the home team.


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Understood! I've been seduced by the "light side" (LOL). I thought they still had some darker roast offerings but I've not gone there since I'm enjoying their lighter roasts.
So where are you going locally to please your taste buds? I enjoy Bean Rush and Rise Up on occasion too.

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I'm not :lol: i have to DIY to get what i want which means buying good darker roasts and brewing at home. the past year has been mostly Saka from Italy and Josuma Malobar Gold with a few others mixed in here and there. medium is as light as i can handle.

maybe some of the other locals are decent, but i know what I'm getting at home and the price is right.

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Long story short: Apart of traveling from West Coast to Midwest to see my folks, we used up all the Tony's Cafe Carmelita I brought for daily cappuccinos for everyone. USPS delayed shipment of another bean order of same beyond our stay so I searched and found Hardy Coffee Roasters in Omaha. I picked up a 2lb bag of their 4-day old Brazil Rancho Sao Benedito and was very pleasantly surprised by the flavors in this morning's espresso/cappas! The coffee cherry really comes through along with toffee/caramel in a syrupy sweet finishing shot/cappa!

Every once in a while I find a gem in the rough...after we return home to Northern Nevada I'll be placing an order for 5lbs of these super tasty beans!

https://www.hardycoffee.com/collections ... o-benedito
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Everything from Mad Heads Coffee.


No joke. I'm only buying filter roasts and brewing pour overs (Kalita Wave 185), and every single coffee has been stellar. I've tried various African, Central American, and South American coffees. I've tried washed, natural, honey, and several crazy experimental processing lots. Every single one has been top notch.

I can't speak to espresso, but I've got to imagine it's the same story.

They've also been providing coffee to the government, first responders, etc. throughout the war, and they have an option to add a donation to your order. Coffees are priced surprisingly low, and shipping to the US isn't horrible, all things considered. Though, for obvious reasons, shipping times can vary greatly.


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My favorite for some time has been Dark Matter's Unicorn Blood: https://www.darkmattercoffee.com/produc ... esso-blend

The price has risen over the past two years, like everything else, but it remains my favorite espresso blend. It's a modern medium roast with red fruit notes and a good amount of acidity for those who prefer lighter roasts.