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sungvary wrote:Pulled a first shot of B&W Jorge Esteve Natural. The grind setting was way off and ended up pulling 19g in 60g out in 18 second at 202F - an accidental turbo shot. It was incredible - their tasting notes of blackberry and cherry came through strong with a little hint of the natural funk you get from anaerobic coffees. Excited to play with the ratios on this guy a bit.

Also grabbed the Gamatui process set. Haven't gotten into any yet but am planning to cup each of them this weekend.
Any tips on dialing in the Gamatui Washed? Picked it up as I love their Gamatui Natural but this was just a bit cheaper. Hoping to pull shots or make a filter tomorrow. Had to let it rest a bit.


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Graymatters wrote:A small, local roaster offers a natural Ethiopia Sidama - some bags are really strawberry forward and I love it... and then, with the next bag, the berry is totally absent. So hit or miss for me that it makes me wonder if there's a really short window for that intense fruit flavor (<1 wk?), which I know is present at 3 days off of roast (the roaster is a one-man band and doesn't scribble roasting dates on bags).
Had that happen countless times in recent years vs prior where it was like berry slamdunk after berry slamdunk. Even Klatch, Onyx etc I would reorder and be like wtf did berry go taste like acidic generic coffee now lol. I have no idea if roasters are having crop or machine/roasting issues, I know others have mentioned green crop issues in recent years. I've had so many Guji etc that would end up like maybe 1 outta 5 or 6 would have that delicious berry note and rest just generic brightness, whereas years ago was like 5 or 6 outta 6 just perfect lol.

I'm on Windmills Colombian right now and the first few days that Cola note smacked, was so good and unique. But it completely disappears after a few days :( . Still good but it drives me nutz when something slaps that good and than goes poof rest of the bag.


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No doubt green quality/roasted end result fluctuates, but also no doubt that sense of taste/expectations does as well...


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this month Caballero SL28 from TW

very sweet and really pleasant acidity!


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My go to cappuccino daily for about 9 months now is Zip Zinger by Dune Roasters in Santa Barbara. Loved it when I had it their shop last December. It's a medium dark comfort blend of Colombian, Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans. It is most tasty. Chocolate and caramel notes with just the slightest hint of fruit. I get great, consistent results here at 7000 ft with 16.8-17.2g (depends on humidity) in, 35-36g out in 28 seconds at 198°F.

Highly recommended.

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I'm going thru the Onyx offerings and I really like the Geometry. I've been trying out So light roasts from all over and find that I dial a coffee in and then it's all gone. I reorder and it's sold out! The house blends seem to be a solution for me.


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Passenger Mikuba Honey Process. So much savory goodness, tastes like vegetable soup in the best way possible. Sad it sold out.

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It has been a fairly disappointing year. Pretty much the only thing that has exceeded expectations for me has been the Pepe Jijon Ecuador Mejorado from Manhattan. Orange, floral, super sweet, very crisp and rich. First lot at the beginning of the year was a little better than the second.
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This is more interesting than WOWing, but Sweetbloom has a trio of a Nicaraguan coffee, same bean, processed three ways ; washed, honeyed, natural. It's interesting to taste the same coffee done three ways. It's a very good coffee, but I don't want to say Wow-ing. Only 4 oz of each for a total of a 12 oz order. Not much risk if you don't love it.


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The Wilder Lasso - Lemon Gesha from Black & White Roasters is incredible. Absolutely mind blowing jasmine notes, dark sugar sweetness, and a really nice lemon note in there that's quite subtle.