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Some of these roasters may vary slightly in how developed their roasts are, but if you like Nordic roasts, you'll like roasts from them. (I'm in the same camp.)

- Regalia
- Little Wolf
- Luna (Canada)

I just ordered some Passenger, so I'll report back on how that compares.

I've also heard Steady State and Proud Mary have good light roasts, but I haven't had the opportunity to try them yet.

I've found SEY's coffee to be much lighter than TW, and underdeveloped in my experience. Not a fan at all.

Also, there are some roasters that offer free or reduced shipping price if you order 3-4 bags. I forget exactly which roasters do this, but I typically order bags from Europe in this way. Or if a roaster doesn't, and I want to try their coffee, I say a prayer to the coffee gods and light on fire the $20 for shipping.

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Thanks. Do you/others have an opinion on Case, in Oregon? Someone suggested it as a light roasters but I cannot find much on Case.


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I've never tried them, sorry to say.