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Think I'll give Trade Coffee a try, that Huck Chelbesa Natural is on there

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Good choice for fruit bomb. Huck is definitely a favorite roaster. I also recommend their Dooddisi for a fruit bomb. Neither have the overripe deep jam notes of some naturals. Also consider Passenger's Ganale Dulacha. Another wowzer. It's only 10 oz, but so good.
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Thank you for the extra ideas, fruit bombs are my go to for pour over so I'll save your recommendations


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Pulling a medium Rwanda from Windmill, I'm loving it. Roasted and shipped Monday and delivered yesterday which is crazy fast, so many roasters are having shipping issues or later schedules now me with their shipping dates now and timing for me when get I get low drives me nutz lol.

But anyways, not even dialed and notes are spot on, strawberry is even coming through milk, and there's a creamy texture and cake like notes, but it still has a bit of a comfort style feel to it likely b/c medium roast. Looking forward to playing around with this and other offerings of theirs. They have a new fan and great prices on 5lb bags. Pry try the Columbia next which I almost ordered than did Rwanda as been a while since I've had a great Rwanda S.O., they can be finicky sometimes.

https://www.windmillcoffee.com/shop-1/d ... agdp-sac4z

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Unfortunately Northbound didn't have a ton of their Spring Tour #7 which featured a light roasted bean blend using 33% Kenya Muiri Peaberry & 67% Mexico Oaxaca (washed) but Northbound's flavor notes were: Milk chocolate, blackberry & caramel. After getting 5lbs and pulling the first of it yesterday morning and using in short Cappuccinos/Flat Whites, the flavor notes are spot on; just over the top delicious.

One of the best I've had from any roaster this year and rivals anything I had all last year. And a super bargain at $70 delivered for the 5lbs. Did anyone else get some?
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This knocked my socks off!


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c1raider wrote:bomb recommendations?
My wife is da bomb, but apart from that I've recently enjoyed an Ecuadorian that really took my breath away. If you're from or in Belgium, check out https://mokcoffee.be/collections/coffee ... -yambamine

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Another member started a new thread on the same topic What's WOWing you right now (coffees, roasters). Normally I'd merge the two, but given this thread has passed its 10 year anniversary and the first 100+ pages are likely stale, I'm closing this one to give the new one a fresh start.
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