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MB wrote:Steady State - Kerchache Wush Wush
Very sweet and fruity. Different bean tones in this SO, which had me worried that I had wasted $$. That was until that first sip. This is one of those that smells heavenly and doesn't loose it in the brewing. It has a great lingering flavor long after your last sip. Top 1 or 2 in brewed for me this year.
Also very good as a 1:1 ristretto 8)


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Picked up some Black and White Milton Monroy, a naturally processed coffee from Columbia. It's quite a light roast, and trying it just after delivery (four days off roast) I found it difficult to work with. I let it de-gas a bit longer and at 10 days off roast it's been lovely. I've been pulling shots at 18g in, 40g out. Around a 30 second shot time on the Silvia Pro at 204 degrees. Very fruit-forward, bursting with jam and berries with a hint of citrus. The acidity was hard to tackle at first but once it's dialed in it's a very balanced espresso and wonderful straight or as an Americano. As a cappuccino I found it a bit odd, but it grew on me by the end. Tasted sort of like a raspberry milk. Definitely recommend!


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Ordered from Pennstock for 1st time and impressed, definitely a good and unique blend. Notes are spot on which is rare, but it's that smoked wood note that surprised me, there's totally this like smoked cedar type note to it. I've been playing with brew ratios up and down today (espresso) and it seems forgiving. Looking forward to trying other stuff from them.

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Rice Bowl

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Takesi Geisha from Coffee Collective. Amazing sweet coffee with huge tropical fruit notes. Hard to pull a bad shot so far with this bean with a wide array of parameters.

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Urcunina from Counter Culture Coffee is one of my favorite seasonal coffees. It is a light roast from Nariño, Columbia. About a week and a half post roast, the parameters on my Olympia Cremina are about 203 deg. F., 15 grams in, 35 grams out, with 10 seconds of preinfusion and 35 seconds pull time. It is especially tasty as a straight shot and makes a great cappuccino too. The tasting notes are dried fruit, caramel, and chocolate.


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Novo Hartmann Honey
Novo tasting notes: Cashew, Honeydew, Maple

Really been liking it. Had it years ago but recently grabbed 12oz at a shop when I ran out of anything else. Promptly ordered 5lbs.
I for sure get the Honeydew and somewhat the cashew. I don't get maple, but I get A LOT of cocoa.

Pulling a little shy of 2:1 at med. temp.
It has wanted to pull fast on my setup...22-24 seconds.


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Intelligentsia Ethiopian SO Metad Chelchele Washed
Apricot, blood orange, and red grape notes were right on the nose.
12 days post-roast, 14g in, 33g out, 10-12 sec 2 bar preinfusion and then <5 bar, total ~35 sec. My pull time is normally not this long, but this coffee had more puck resistance than other SOs at the same grind setting.
Classic Ethiopian standout that makes you go wow...

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^^Thanks, I just ordered 3 coffees from Intelligentsia to try.^^

Meanwhile, I'm working on the latest crop of Thirteenth Sun from Black Oak. It has been one of my favorites in the past. For some reason I am not getting the prominent blueberry/strawberry notes that wow'd me last time around. Wondering if it's just me. Kinda playing around in the 16/32 range right now, flat burrs, lower 20s, 200-202F. Anyone else?

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Trying a bunch of espresso around LA and two really wowed me:

Fruitbomb espresso blend from Aquarela (they do all Brazilian coffees) https://www.splacoffee.com/product-page ... ntal-blend

A washed Colombian from Stereoscope
https://www.stereoscopecoffee.com/coffe ... raiso-rose

I had both at the shops, both were pulled very well as longer shots.


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Anyone have any recent fruit bomb recommendations? My local shop changed their roast profile on their fruity natural anaerobic so Im looking for a fix. Thank you for the two since 2022:
Fruitbomb espresso blend from Aquarela (they do all Brazilian coffees) https://www.splacoffee.com/product-page ... ntal-blend
Huck - Chelbesa Natural (Gedeb Ethiopia) Fruit BOMB