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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

#1161: Post by owlbass »

I've been really enjoying Sweet Bloom's Nagutu Wase. Although I think they just discontinued it.

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I pulled the best shot I've ever pulled with a Yukro Co-Op Medium from George Howell- It was the first time I was able to pick apart the several tasting notes, with a really distinct caramel note that lingers for 5 minutes.

This literally changed the way I perceive espresso from "this tastes great!" to "I need to explore much, much more of this....all of this."

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#1163: Post by Chert »

Let's riff this thread on ACE cups of excellence a bit. What d'ya say?

I was given a bit of the Terarosa (Seoul Korea) of this thread. WOW. Such flavorful ristretto, honey and peaches. My Maximatic pulls it like a dream. (The Pavoni did not hit it quite so well). That Dec 14 roast still tastes great.

I had to look up the Alliance for Coffee Excellence 2020 Nicagua auction results. It says winner on the Terarosa bag, but the Ojo de Agua was #3.

If you see a chance to try an auction winner, go for it.

Anyone else had an auction winner ? Did it wow?
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#1164: Post by HBlaca »

I have been running the Ubora Cotidiano and I have not seen any mention of their coffee on here previously. This has become my daily espresso, it also freezes really well. I am getting a little citrus on the front with a really nice chocolaty mid with a berry finish. I am still playing but I rather enjoy this with a 20 gram dose, 45 gram yield. I have been running with a 4 second 3 bar preinfusion and a 27 seconds at 9 bar at 200 degrees. I have dialed it back a little with the same time as reccomended by Ubora and pulled 56 grams, but I prefer ristretto so I reverted. It would be good if people are pulling really good shots with a specific coffee to include as much detail on their recicpe so we can try to reproduce their results and then dial in for our own taste.