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ronner wrote:The comments about Malabar Gold (MG) really intrigued me. My usual go to's have not been meeting my expectations lately. So I ordered 2 pounds (smallest order size). I got it 3 days after roast. Tried it that evening. The roaster gives a really good / complete recipe. I happen to use pretty similar process for all my espressos (same wt of grounds). I used 18 gr in and 36 gr out ( MG recipe uses grind wt x 1.5 and 203 to 206 deg F). Their recipe has a little less out, but close. There was also mention that for competitions they use coffee 10 days past roast. I liked the espresso made from MG at 3-4 days after roast. I am amazed that it kept getting better over time. Now at 11 days it is :D definitely in my top 5. As Espresso or with milk it is sweet and smooth. Thanks to all of you who recommended it.
Ron...10 days post roast...yes...it's true. I sneak it at 6 days...as I got it it 3 days post. Those were the 3 longest days in a good while. Did y'all get any of that "burniushed dark cherry", cognac thing? I'm using the IMS Barista pro 20 gram basket and IMS group screen in my BDB...though I switch between screens for grins. A stir is a must for me (tiny spoon smaller than demitasse)...and doesn't disturb the mouthfeel.
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Rob, so true. I have 2 pounds to go through. :D but I am already thinking I better order a week early so that I can wait those ten days post roast. I am also using a 20mg IMS Barista Pro. Running that through my Expobar double boiler. I am really bad at identifying flavors, but the sweetness does fit what I would consider dark cherry. They syrupy aspect I could describe as cognac. I swirl it but have not used a spoon. I do let it cool for about 4 minutes so have time to swirl. And I am really enjoying the mouthfeel.


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Ron, I was a "swirler" too..this blend gets that thick "oily" center...so cool...but I've been stirring for about 2 years..I believe the creme is incorporated better, and the overall sweetness enhanced...of any coffee. Of course, YMMV!

Smallest spoon possible for me.
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[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI09bbH22vQ[/youtube]. James Hoffman opined on this very subject (swirling vs. stirring)not too long ago, with at least some testing to back it up.


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JamieS wrote:[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI09bbH22vQ[/youtube]. James Hoffman opined on this very subject (swirling vs. stirring)not too long ago, with at least some testing to back it up.
I've seen this...but thanks for posting. I always get a kick out of Hoffman.Though he's "muckety muck" in the espresso community, he seems like one of US. Always enjoyable and usually learn something.
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Recently tried two blends from Cat & Cloud that my wife picked up for me while on vacation. One was The Answer and the other was The Truth.

The Truth is roasted lighter with an emphasis on being "fresh and clean." While that is pretty spot on with what I found, and it was quite balanced, it wasn't my favorite. Just very neutral and normal but not as thick of a body as I prefer.

The Answer on the other hand definitely wow'd me. This one is a bit more developed and their description is super spot on. A very good and normal coffee that's balanced and you can just shut off and enjoy or if you want to dig in there's enough complexity there to fun and interesting. My go to blend is The Natural by Black & White Roaster's and I feel while this is definitely different and contains multiple origins and processes, it's more in the same vein. Good body and great flavors. Super good in milk drinks, delicious americanos, and a good go to espresso. If this was priced a bit better would easily be a go-to daily blend for me. There's good chocolate'y classic coffee flavors in there but hints of the fruits that I love. Far from sour or acidic. This one really impressed me and if I'm feeling a bit spendy I will definitely buy again.

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Finally tried a chinese coffee, Yunnan Yiwu, 15 days after roast and its been very decent. It tastes basically sweet and delicious, no detectable acidity or bitterness.
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Very pleased with Black Oak Thirteenth Sun. It's a "SO blend" of washed, natural, and honey processed Ethiopian beans. Roaster's notes (berry, floral, and complex) are right on the spot. As floral as anything I've tried this year.

6 days post-roast, 14g in, 34g out, ~10s PI @2-3bar + ~22s @6-8bar, +water for 6oz Americano.

Very tasty!

[EDIT 12/2] Somehow the floral notes are mostly gone after the first day or two. Still very enjoyable with lots of berries. Almost impossible to overextract this coffee. Ordered another bag...will try shorter resting next time!


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Madcap out of MI "Samuel Degelo" has been a nice change of pace from my primary diet of home roasted coffee. A washed Ethiopian consumed pour over style. Light roast bringing this really nice clean lemon flavor throughout the cup, the first sip to the last has me saying "wow" a lot...seems fitting for this post :lol: Already have another bag on the way


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Roasted some Ethiopia Dry Process Hamasho Village from Sweet Maria's. Such a fantastic cup. Wish I would have picked up more than 6 lbs!
Ethiopia Dry Process Hamasho Village

A broad palette of fruit flavors, red raspberry, blueberry, mango, vibrant lemon, peach puree and strawberry Starburst. Incredibly complex dry process and clean considering the process type. City to City+.