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OK31 wrote:I just ordered some of the crema and Vesuvius. Why didn't you like crema in milk drinks too weak?
It didn't stand out in milk. Loved it as straight espresso on my MAX
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Just got some top selection gran bar and crema from Saka at Cantina and some of the dragonfly recommendations. Tried the top selection so far in a 2:1 from a 14g and MICH better experience. Definitely feel like I've been floundering for 4 years with 3rd wave stuff not realizing I needed simple northern or at least some form of Italian type roast. I'm using Poland spring so once done will try some tww packets to see how that does but though there was a hint of brightness it wasn't as overpowering as other shots and as was pointed out it did fantastic in milk. That's all for the recommendations.