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Acavia wrote:Both in my yard now, so I dub Wendelboe coffee, yard coffee : )
If a lot of people here tell you they don't have a problem and you have then it's really likely the problem isn't everyone :wink: .

If you don't like it then that's just your taste, which is perfectly fine, but bashing a very good roaster like this is far from fair.

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Just working on this months Kenyan's. Intense Blackberry and Blackcurrants with juicy acidity and enough body to not feel thin. Good coffees.


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erik82 wrote:If you don't like it then that's just your taste, which is perfectly fine, but bashing a very good roaster like this is far from fair.
I don't think he was bashing the roaster, just the coffee. It's only his opinion. Having added a lot of coffee over the years (that other people raved about on the internet) to my "yard" (a green compost bin), I appreciate hearing his view. I have close to a kilo of such coffee in my freezer right now likely headed to the "yard". So it goes.


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The Gachatha from this months subscription is a very, very nice coffee.


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My problem with Wendelboe might have been too aggressive/high extraction focused for the coffee. I have no more to test whether that was the case.

For most coffees, I grind fairly fine for pour over, do multiple pours to near full draw down each with off boil water. For Sey coffee, which I mostly brew since I have a subscription, it often makes candy sweet-tart coffee. For Wendelboe and my first April coffee, it made harsh bitter messes.

On my first April coffee, which I had brewed four times previous with pour over coffee brewed as describe above, it was a harsh bitter mess. I vacuum sealed froze it for a few weeks not wanting to try again but not wanting to throw it away just yet. Today, I visited it again with plan to brew it for lower extraction. I went to one pour, pouring near surface so as to reduce turbulence and used 92 C water rather than the off-boil previously. Doing that made a creamy sweet, with syrup sweetness and texture, coffee with a lime tartness at end and other tartness in background during other parts of each sip. Very good coffee.

Since my first brews of the April coffee were similar to my recent Wendelboe brews, I suspect going for lower extraction would do same for my brews of Wendelboe coffees, and I will try that if I get another one.

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It would be best to pause the progression of this thread, under this title. I like that folks are dialoging and sharing their impressions of Tim Wendelboe's coffees, good or bad. But considering how search engines work, it's not really fair to have a thread that is titled negatively getting pinged frequently when many of the contributors are sharing what is in fact good subjective impressions.

I invite anyone to start a new thread with a more generalized title, like Tim Wendelboe Coffee's: Discussion. Or anything like that.

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