Want to participate in the "Favorite Espressos" review?

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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The voting for the Favorite Espressos 2020 is over. Who would be interested in participating? Two members are sponsored, but for everyone else, the cost will probably be around $50-$60 for three pounds of coffee delivered (I'm hoping to get a bulk discount to cover the cost of express shipping and the individual shipping).

Please let me know if you're interested by replying so I have an idea of how big a "bulk" order I can put in. Thanks!
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#3: Post by lancealot »

im in

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#4: Post by drH »

Wait...which was the winner?

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#5: Post by Chert »

That might work out with wholesale pricing. If you achieve that price, I will promptly $upport HB again beyond just my occasional. .02, Dan, because that does sound like plenty of work.

Anyway, I'm in.
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Count me in as well!
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#7: Post by shotwell »

I'd like to participate.

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#8: Post by sweaner »

Count me in!!
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I'm in!
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#10: Post by Jake_G »

drH wrote:Wait...which was the winner?
That's the beauty of it!

We are orchestrating blind reviews of the top 3 comfort espresso blends as voted by the HB community. Only Dan knows who won. The rest of us who wish to participate will receive a pound or so each of Coffee A, B and C, lovingly divided and shipped out by Dan.

The more who participate, the better the whole shindig will be as we can explore these coffees together and decide what we like about each without any confirmation bias. When the dust settles, we will have all created independent blind reviews of the coffees and find out who is top dog according to our collective taste buds and extraction prowess.

I am super excited for this, and I'm not even a comfort blend kind of guy.