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#141: Post by HB »

One question that's come up: How to accept payment. 8)

Originally I thought PayPal, since it's what I know. Then again, it's not me who's actually delivering the product, I'm collecting funds for what's essentially a group buy. CarefreeBuzzBuzz mentioned offline that Zelle is a lightweight, no fee alternative for "friends and family" payments. This community is friendly, right?

For those who may have coordinated group buys, what do you recommend? PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, other?
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#142: Post by Freddofl »

I've used all these plus cashapp. PayPal has a friends and family option too.


#143: Post by DaveB »

Are the people who've responded in this thread already counted among the 100 participants?
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#144: Post by HB »

Yes, the 100 limit includes the 67 members who have posted to this thread. Of course, when it comes time to pay, some may not follow up; I doubt anyone will be turned away.
Dan Kehn

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#145: Post by Bret »

That $45 price is amazing. I'm in and I'll watch for the order info and order/pay promptly.

Thanks again for doing this :-)


#146: Post by tennisman03110 »

We use Venmo at my work for group things. The app is all free and super easy to use.

Biggest downside is there's limited options, no longer any groups. I.e. You need a spreadsheet to track payments.

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#147: Post by Balthazar_B »

And there's Google Pay Send, which is another pretty universal no-fee payment method.
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#148: Post by belegnole »

My question would be how many of us already have Pay Pal or the other mentioned methods?
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#149: Post by Bret » replying to belegnole »

I have PayPal and use it routinely. I've not used the other methods mentioned here, but open to whatever works best overall.

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#150: Post by dsblv »

PayPal is pretty ubiquitous. I really don't want to create an account on a service I won't use again.