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nameisjoey wrote:I'd start at 200 and adjust from there.
I was going back in the "search" regarding B&W blends. So many people said they had a hard time dialing in the Classic. The company said to set the brew to 203-204°. I play around with these temps anyway--although that seems quite high--yet I hear & read these blends are lighter than the typical medium roasts. Taste is so subjective. I have just found plain chocolate flavors are becoming boring to me. I had a roast I go back & forth with that is local. Started it out at 198°, too acidic, pushed it to 200°--still seemed too acidic, pushed to 202°--too roasty/bitter, then ended up going back down to 198° where it seems to be more balanced. Maybe something happens with the beans the older they get. Started out on Day 7, now Day 21 (almost done with bag).