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Anyone recently try the Verve Sermon roast? I was getting this on and off & loving the blueberry notes along with just a very balanced flavorful cup. I only drink cappas (two double shots with about 4-5oz. steamed/frothed milk) per day. Loved this until the last bag I got had about 1/4 of a 12 oz. bag filled with broken shells. The company was never able to give me any explanation of this. I miss the flavor of this blend. It was multifaceted & not bland--but don't know if others have had this problem consistently? I do know of one other person. Thanks.

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Ah, so it isn't me! I am just this weekend finishing up a 2# bag of Sermon, based on seeing it mentioned in the various forums for many years. Its been ok, but I haven't really enjoyed it as much as the other comfort blends I tend to buy (Chromatic Gamut, Nossa Familia Full Cycle, Kuma Bright and Balanced, Howell's Alchemy). There were a large number of undeveloped beans in the bag too, such that I was pulling out at least a couple every time I weighed out a dose.

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That's too bad. What's strange to me is that I must have contacted (like a pain in the butt I can be) the same customer service person multiple times after she had supposedly shown the picture of the shells & my email to the roaster(s). She didn't get back to me, so I contacted her again to find out that they really don't know what caused this, that it wasn't normal. She said if I order again and have the same problem to contact them & they would send another bag/refund me. The thing is, why not just find out what the issue is? That might be the plan. I guess I will just sadly scratch them off my list.

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Eh, no biggie to me. There are still a lot of other great roasters out there, and I haven't tried a bunch of them yet.