Verve Panama Elida Green Tip Gesha

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#1: Post by TomC »

Impressive lot of coffee. I missed this last year and vowed not to this time around. The coffee arrives in a fancy tube with an insert about the farm. Flavor descriptors will evolve over the next few days since it was just roasted yesterday and arrived at my doorstep a half hour ago, but preliminary thoughts are it's got the Don Pachi Geisha slightly beat and goes toe to toe against the Azul AAA Geisha with aplomb, for superstar Geisha's.

Aromatics are intensely floral, bright, focused almost perfume like. There's a lot of pineapple sweetness that heightens as it cools. It's sweetness hits the tongue so quickly, it's like dissolving powdered sugar on the tongue. The wonderful tangy acidity makes me sad when the cup runs out. I could gorge myself on this coffee. Surprisingly good body for a washed Geisha, with a weighted mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste. Worth picking up if you are in the hunt for a superstar.

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#2: Post by jbviau »

Sold out! But it sounds like they'll have a little more in a week (tweet 1, tweet 2).
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TomC (original poster)
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#3: Post by TomC (original poster) »

In store only.

I think last year, this was gone in an hour, the day they got it. This year, it was sold out by 10am the day they roasted the first batch.


#4: Post by Jerry43 »

Just as well, at $65 for 8 oz I would have been on the fence to buy one. Sounds tempting as the green tip vs bronze tip does seem to make a difference from what I read elsewhere.


#5: Post by DavidMLewis »

Had some this morning, both as pourover in a Chemex and as Clever. The former was overwhelmingly jasmine, with a beautifully balanced mouthfeel and acidity. The latter still had the jasmine, but with so strong a fruit and berry component as to smell like candy. Definitely go for it if you get the chance.

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#6: Post by TomC (original poster) »

Day 5 and this coffee is still a powerhouse. Its acidity resonates on the palate like a chime. It lacks a well rounded flavor profile however, and ultimately falls behind the Colombian Azul AAA Geisha by a good margin. Most of the flavor tends to a bright, sweet papaya and pineapple and little to nothing else except for the finish that shows some tannin like floral notes. Still an incredible coffee however.

Would I buy it again? No. Not if the AAA Azul is available. It's bang for the buck carries further. I had expected this Green Tip to evolve a bit as it aged into something greater, more complex, but at 5 days, it seems to be pretty much the same.