Verve coffee, in particular Sermon blend

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chanty 77

#1: Post by chanty 77 »

Can anyone tell me what their experiences have been with Verve coffee as far as bean quality and correspondence, in particular Sermon. Thanks.


#2: Post by makspyat »

Sermon is a pretty good coffee - keeping a bag in the freezer. I brewed Sermon as espresso and as pour-over.
I nailed it a few times and hit the blueberries, just as described.

Other similar blends:
  • Verve - 1950
  • Dragonfly - Crema Dolce
  • Amaya Coffee - Temporada
I had no issues with Verve.


#3: Post by BruceWayne »

I have a monthly subscription to Vancouver. Sermon is the coffee that Clive ships in the complimentary setup package they send with new espresso machines, although mine came a month late due to the shot glasses being out of stock. Sermon smells and tastes like blueberries. I haven't had any correspondence with Verve. The coffee that I've ordered directly from them arrives in 1-3 via USPS. I like the quality of the beans well enough to subscribe.


#4: Post by Acavia »

I found it to be a good coffee, on par with Passenger, except roasted a little more, which is what I have drank the most lately.