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Hi all --

I did a search but didn't find anything; hopefully someone here can help:

Recently picked up the Verve Amado Fernandez SO espresso: ... z-espresso

In general I love Honduras coffees as pour-overs, and so I was quite excited to try this out. Unfortunately it just isn't working out for me, and I'd love to get some advice from folks here on whether I'm not dialing it in right, or whether that's just the way it should taste. Details:

I am brewing 15g in, 22.5g out (1:1.5), in about 25 seconds. (I called Verve and they recommended 20g in, 30g out in about 25 seconds. I held time and ratio constant and just changed the weight down to match my desired output.). Brew temp is 205F. I'm using a Profitec Pro 600. Brews are extremely consistent given my process (Specialita grinder -> dosing cup -> WDT in portafilter -> SAI BT Wedge leveling -> SAI New Levy tamp) so this is mostly a matter of understanding how I should tune to achieve a desired taste, not how to eliminate inconsistency.

I'm not great at describing taste, but I would say it tastes very fruity. While dialing in, any coarser and it rapidly went to being all fruit with no body (thin tasting). Any finer and it rapidly became overly bitter. At the current grind, the fruitiness is balanced somewhat by the bitterness, but still exceptionally fruit forward.

Some specific q's:

(1) If you've tried the coffee I'd love to know what you're tasting! Am I tasting it right that it's a very fruity coffee?
(2) If you were going to adjust one of the brew parameters to tone down fruitiness and balance it out even further, what would you play with? I'm a relative newbie and so far have mostly only messed with grind holding everything else constant, with the aim of hitting a desired brew ratio in a desired time (in this case about 25 seconds).

Thanks for any thoughts!


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Since you've played with the grind and didn't like the results, I'd suggest that you keep your grind and dose the same but pull it at 1:2 or even a little longer to extract a bit more out of the coffee, which may help mute some of the brightness.


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Thanks for the tip -- I tried that out and also ground a little finer, so that the entire extraction took a little longer. This seemed to help round out flavors a bit, but it's been hard to hit the sweet spot...

By comparison, I made a pourover with the same beans today, and it was perfectly balanced and very smooth, with exactly the kind of flavor I would have expected given my previous experience with Honduran coffees. Somehow I'm not able to get that same balance in the cup when I brew it as espresso yet!