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#1: Post by Prairiedawg »

Since I order most of my coffee in 5lb bags, it's time to refill my coffers. Last time I ordered from Caffe Lusso in December, the shipping took forever (thank you USPS). This had nothing to do with Lusso, my coffee was roasted and shipped the next day. Usually takes 2-3 days from Lusso to my house in SE Wisconsin. Last time was weeks. I like to order from Klatch and the shipping times were similar to Lusso if not a day longer.

Of those of you ordering coffees that are shipped USPS, are the shipping times back to normal? Better? Should I wait a little longer before I order again?
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#2: Post by Nik »

I gave up ordering from any sources west of the Mississippi. I am in North Carolina. I have had some horrendous experiences with roasters in the past 4 months. Dragonfly was the worst! Since Christmas I have been ordering from roasters within a couple hours drive and the service has been surprisingly good. Black and White and Red Rooster have been delivered in two days. You have some marvelous roasters in Wisc
onsin, Minnesota and Illinois. I would suggest that you try these until Lewis DeJoy, Postmaster General decides he can no longer destroy our postal system.

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#3: Post by walr00s »

Seems random. I've gotten coffee I ordered from 3 different roasters in ~3 days. I also had an order from Lusso that was shipped promptly and never showed up (tracking number still says "Alert" with last scan on Jan 17th). After 3 weeks, I emailed Lusso, they promptly re-shipped my order, it arrived 2 days later (still via USPS). Another shipment from a different roaster took 10 days to get here.

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#4: Post by JohnB. »

I've only placed one coffee order since the Holidays. Shipped by Priority Mail from the Houston area on a Friday (1/19), delivered the following Monday (1/22) in Ct.


#5: Post by Kran »

Priority ship times have been consistent for me at 2-3 days. If shipment is sent first class it's been up to a week or so coast to coast.


#6: Post by tennisman03110 »

I've seen minimal delays on USPS. Across the board. It was a bit worse in December, not as bad now.

Once the roaster hands it off, it's not like USPS is saying "this is coffee.....let's delay it extra". It's just another package. I'm not sure calling out roasters who are better or worse is fair.

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Just to be clear, I'm not bashing the roasters. they did their part buy roasting and getting it in the mail the same or next day. I'm curious what other shipping times you have had from where to where?
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#8: Post by Jefe »

I have a subscription through Trade and every single one of my orders since December have arrived late, sometimes 10 days longer than expected. The USPS in my area has been really horrible, we're still getting Christmas cards delivered. :roll:

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#9: Post by lancealot »

USPS to my location is still very unreliable.

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#10: Post by sweaner »

I have noticed a definite improvement.
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