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Not a can, it was a sealed bag with an airlock on it, 1 lb.

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Tried it this morning.

Much darker than I'd hoped as it's labeled "Light - Medium" but has some oil sheen to it (an hour or so after I opened it is when the oil came, is that common?). We don't tend to like beans this dark. When we dialed back it's bitterness though (a lever profile with lower temp) it turned out to be quite drinkable. Still slightly harsh like I want to add a little sugar but definitely drinkable. I'll keep working it this week.

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#13: Post by DamianWarS »

roastaroma wrote:Though normally I don't use Trader Joe's coffees for espresso, these are not normal times -- and I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of their blends produces (for me) more than acceptable results. That is, if one ever has a hankering for a reverse-engineered Lavazza at a good price. TJ's Barista Espresso is a blend of whole Arabica beans from Central & South America & Cherry-A Robusta beans from India, which comes in a 13-oz. nitrogen flushed bag for $5.99.

While I'm no expert at tasting notes, one can expect hints of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and citrus, and yes, the beguiling burnt rubber that transports you back to Piazza San Marco or wherever you last had Italian espresso in situ. One detail on the bag might be misleading: I would not call it "light to medium roast" as it's closer to Full City, with traces of oil on the beans. Darker than Stumptown Hairbender, which I consider true medium. For $6 it's a deal. This blend is now in my regular rotation, esp. for cappuccinos -- a good change of pace from my usual 100% Arabica.
commercial coffee roast levels drive me nuts and seem to be the opposite of specialty. Specialty has a focus of coffee roasted from anything from 1st to 2nd crack where anything over 2nd crack is too dark. using this scale the lightest roast is right at 1st crack and the darkest roast is right before 2nd crack. so when roast level is trying to be communicated you know what light, medium or dark means (and that TJ roast would be a dark roast). With commercial, it seems it's measured by 2nd crack. anything before 2nd crack like a full city can be called a light roast, medium is a 2nd crack+ roast, and dark is the oily, glossy black beans something Specialty would only do to season a roaster.


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I would call the TJ's Barista blend I bought somewhere at the cusp between Full City+ and Vienna. To me it tastes as good as what I found in Northcentral Italy. Definitely not third wave stuff, so it might not appeal as espresso to those who prefer 3rd wave. It should appeal to those who like traditional Italian espresso,and it certainly is tasty in capps and lattes. If it remains consistent and TJ's keeps it in stock, it's really a bargain for the price. Frommy TJ's experience over the years, the second "if" will be the main concern.