Top 5 Coffee Roasters

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#1: Post by Mark.K »

Hi All,

I have not come across a thread discussing current favorite coffee roasters. There is obviously a lot of options and many great coffee roasters across the U.S. So I wanted to start a thread for HB members and your top 5 coffee roasters.

I can start:

1. Campos Coffee (
2. Brandywine (
3. Onyx Coffee (
4. Verve Coffee (
5. Heart Coffee (


#2: Post by Dburns »

1. Counter Culture
2. Intelligentsia
3. Dark Matter
4. Parlor
5. Crop to Cup* (not 100% sure if the are around in a roasting capacity as they were a few years ago- THE BEST sweetest espresso I've ever had)


#3: Post by Espresso_Junky »

Mine would be...

1. Me
2. Myself
3. I
4. Stockton Graham
5. Metropolis


#4: Post by Chiswim_32796 »

1. Sump (MO)
2. Metric (IL)
3. Onyx (AR)
Here's where it gets hard...
4. Folly (MN)
5. Kickapoo (MN)

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#5: Post by shawndo »

There is this classic post
List of our Favorite Roasters
Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra


#6: Post by Iowa_Boy »

1) George Howell
2) B&W
3) Olympia
4) Slate
5) Intelligensia

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#7: Post by Peppersass »

My top five changes over time, but #1 has been my go-to roaster for about five years, #2 has been a favorite ever since I got into espresso 10 years ago, and #3 was a go-to for several years before I shifted to #1. The last two I sampled just this year and really like them for light-roasted natural process coffees, but can't comment on long-term product quality.

1) Temple
2) George Howell
3) Compass
4) Black and White
5) Apes and Peacocks

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#8: Post by Chert »

I don't buy much roasted coffee.

Sweet Bloom



Mtn Air

LMWDP #198

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#9: Post by RockyIII »

Over the last several years, I've tried about 50 roasts from about 20 roasters. I use a five point scale for rating my espresso shots, and these are the roasters who have at least one rating of four or above:

Caffè Lusso
Counter Culture Coffee
Velton's Coffee
Victrola Coffee Roasters

There are many other roasters I'm sure I would enjoy, but when I find something I like I usually stick with it.



#10: Post by RyanJE »

HAVE to add Tim Wendelboe to the list!

I think between him and George Howell they are the top of the top. I know the title says roasters, but these two take it to another level with sourcing as well.
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