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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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holybean wrote:hi all,

how long does it take you to go through 5lbs of beans? i'm tempted to buy a bag but i worry that it will go stale too quickly. i go through about 1 1/2lb/week. considering the josuma malabar gold, e.g.

freeze them in Mason jars. They will be preserved.

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thanks, johnny. i wasn't sure what the conventional wisdom on freezing was.
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HotLava wrote:A friend recently turned me on to intelligentsia black cat organic. Prior to this I always would get dark roasts. I thought good espresso had to be dark and dirty. But the more fruity crema on the medium roast black cat is really enjoyable.

I currently am working on Brooklyn IRIS. It's more medium full. I didn't care for it too much but I made my grind finer today and it made all the difference.

Which of your picks would you say are more fruity?
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But I just got this months subscription from la Marzocco home from Middle state roasters Landspeed blend. It has amazing fruity notes.