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Marcelnl wrote:LOL, curious to hear the results though, I have been toying with the thought to order some of his coffee but held off assuming shipping would be cost prohibitive...Now I know his price range THAT is not an issue :wink:

My list of roasters is hardly relevant as local to Netherlands, and besides that ; so far I haven't found one I wanted to stick with over home roasted stuff, although I had some prettty good beans shipped to me. I definitely am not in the same league as top roasters and probably suffer from being biased, somehow it's either the fun of learning along the way together with a pretty decent end product that swings me towards home roasted beans.
Just wanted to circle back on Wendelboe. Absolutely worth every penny. Best coffee I've tried to date.

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thanks! will give it a try someday then.
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Chiswim_32796 wrote:1. Sump (MO)
2. Metric (IL)
3. Onyx (AR)
Here's where it gets hard...
4. Folly (MN)
5. Kickapoo (MN)
I can understand your frustrations to the end. It seems Onyx is a popular choice for a few people...!

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trunks235 wrote:1. Ceremony
2. Vigilante
3. Sweet bloom
4. 49th parallel
5. Counter culture

These aren't in any particular order. The first two are Maryland roasters so I use them frequently by default. That being said, I think they are both wonderful. Ceremony Mass Appeal and Vigilante Tin Lizzie always give me A+ espresso. Can't speak to their single origins as much. Sweet bloom and 49th are just awesome, always had wonderful experiences with their beans both for pour over and as espresso. Counter culture is on here before I have a soft spot for them. Hologram is always welcome and I love their single origins.
I am just down the road from Ceremony, but haven't used them much as I never found any of their stuff knocked my socks off. I popped in the other day because I was out of all other coffee and thought I would give them another try. The young lady behind the counter was very nice and talked me into trying the Thesis, despite it being a lighter roast (I told her I am normally into more traditional medium/dark roasts and milk based drinks). I tried to dial it in this morning, but couldn't get past the acidity/brightness of it. They say I should be getting chocolate chip cookie and brown sugar from it. I did not get that. I tried a longer pre-infusion which helped some, but it just wasn't my jam. Have you tried the Thesis?

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Nossa Familia
George Howell

Hard to put them in an order though.

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My top 3

Sweet Bloom
George Howell


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Such a great set of lists.

I'm going to give them a try


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My top five (not in ranked order):

Gardelli (Forli, Italy)
Wendelboe (Oslo, Norway)
April (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Assembly (London, UK)
Sey (Brooklyn, US)


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1. Onyx
2. PT's
3. Anodyne
4. Rival Bros
5. La Colombe