Sweet spot for Black Cat Analog Espresso

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Anyone found a sweet spot for BLACK CAT ANALOG ESPRESSO

For regular black cat I've heard of 18g dose , 27 g out in 25-30 sec

Anything similar for the analog? I've been out of the game long enough I feel like I'm starting over with the basics with dialing in a shot. Could use an educated starting point.

Still using the gaggia classic with stock basket. An 18g dose really leaves a clear imprint of the shower screen. Thinking I should knock it back to 16g perhaps. Thoughts?


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Hi Jay,

I love this particular coffee, in fact I'm drinking it now. It's a dark chocolate bomb. On my BDB the parameters I use are:
18g in
40g out
25-30 sec (closer to 30 sec.)...total include 15 sec. preinfusion

I think the side of the bag says, 18g dose, 45g yield. Intelligentsia's website also said in 25-30 sec.

Best to you,
Bob "hello darkness my old friend..I've come to drink you once again"


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I recall the last time I had it I thought it made excellent lattes almost as if sugar were added. It's been awhile but I do remember it being a favorite for milk drinks.

I'd like to try your suggested preinfusion but unfortunately with my machine I don't have a solid way of going about that.