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howard seth

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Seems that Tom, over at Sweet Maria's, prefers his espresso lighter than I do. The lighter coffee roasts - stopped before, or just at, second crack - on my equipment set-up - do have more flavor - but, I don't like them as much as roasting longer - somewhat into second crack in my Behmor - and drank as espresso singles - or, as cappuccino. Maybe too much acid and fruit in the lighter roasts, for my buds?

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Maybe I lucked out on my roast, but I really enjoyed this blend. I agree that it needs at least 4 days rest, but I found this be a very smooth very enjoyable coffee. Why does coffee always have to taste like something radical and completely describable to be considered good? It seems like if it is not a "chocolate bomb" or some high strung fruited flavor, than it is worthless to many around here. I found this blend to be very enjoyable on its own and made a nice macchiato as well. Maybe the flavors are more subtle and not so in your face, but they are there for sure.

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I roasted a pound of this two days ago in my Behmor. Got 9 minutes in on P4 when my wife turned on the kettle plugged into the same outlet. (Not her fault. I should have caught that and asked her to use a different outlet.) Anyway the roast stopped for about 3-5 min before I could get the roaster going again. The coffee hadn't really started to yellow yet or anything.

Got it going and started P4 all over again. Took it just to the first snaps of 2C. Things look and smell great. (Hoping I didn't stumble onto a miracle profile here. I'd never be able to repeat it.).

Pulled the first shots today after 2 days rest. Really nicely balanced. But as everyone else seems to have discovered, there's not much to this blend. Not sweet. Not fruity. Not chocolatey or bitter. Just, "meh!" It's certainly not bad, but I wouldn't serve it if I was trying to get a new shop up and running. There's no real wow factor.

Not disappointed, but I doubt I'd bother with this one again. Hoping the next week of shots will change my mind.
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