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In my search for "sweet" espresso...I have tried Ecco's Reserve Espresso and man alive! It is awesome....Sweet and incredibly Chocolatey!!! Like a dark, bittersweet chocolate syrup...A little sweetener added to it and it's like drinking hot chocolate! Which is a very good thing in my book!

Just wanted to pass along the news as I journey on my quest!


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I agree that it's difficult to find a coffee that performs well both with milk and as straight espresso, and one of the reviewers says that this coffee does. They also mention characteristics similar to the ones you described. Congratulations for finding something that you would describe as sweet :).

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Thank you sir!

I will keep all informed as I continue testing and tasting!



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Thatchmo wrote:In my search for "sweet" espresso...I have tried Ecco's Reserve Espresso and man alive!
It's funny you discover it just at about the same time I decided to start checking out other coffee's. I've been drinking Ecco Reserve almost daily for the past couple years. It's been a daily comfort food for me. But now I'm going to depart from this ritual and explore. Just tell them that you'll be taking my place. ;)

It does have a very satisfying blend of chocolate, nutty, and sweet. It ages very well too. Try it 5-10 days out from roast date. I've started letting mine sit around 4 days before starting to go through the 1lb. I used to drink it from 2-5 days, but I think from 4-7 days is a much nicer window. And don't throw any in the freezer. Just let it all sit and age.

As a side note, I've been letting them sit in little 8-ounce jars with 1 way valves attached. So your results might be different depending on how you store them.