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baldheadracing wrote:Montréal/Ottawa/Toronto

One of the best local roasters - Blue Barn Coffee - is now offering free shipping to Montréal/Ottawa/Toronto with a $30+ order. No code needed.

(I realize that doesn't sound like much of a deal to Americans, but postal/shipping charges in Canada are much higher than the equivalent USPS flat-rate-box rates, especially for companies whose market is primarily local, and thus shipping low volumes.)
Any other recs for roasters for pour over on v60? Ordering some soon. I'm in gatineau, across from ottawa.

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Anchored in Dartmouth, N.S., and Bows & Arrows in Victoria. Free shipping within Canada with a $45 order at B & A.
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Shenrei wrote:Black Oak Coffee is offering 15 percent off with the code ALLTOGETHERNOW

They also have a 25 percent off code for people over 60 and/or if you have a vulnerable health condition or are purchasing coffee for someone that fits that criteria. Code is TOGETHER

These codes work on their 5lb bulk options which are already at great prices even without the code. I've purchased 5lbs myself.
I ordered 5 pounds of Heartwood for $51.85, which included shipping! It came in a couple days ago, and it is some of the best I've had recently!

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Vertex Coffee Roasters is offering 15% off with code vcrbeans, and discounted $1 shipping to the local Washtenaw area.


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foam2 wrote:placed an order with caffe lusso for the first time - thanks for posting.

any places in illinois anyone can suggest?
I highly recommend Goshen Coffee. I've been ordering from them routinely since moving here ~3 years ago and they are consistently good, with reasonable prices. Free shipping going on now, too. They're also very community-minded: when IL issued the stay-at-home order, they supplied all their local coffee shops/restaurants their normal coffee orders for free through the end of March to help compensate for increased operating expenses transitioning to to-go-only orders.

Anyways, the Bona Fide espresso blend is great. Most of their roasts are medium to medium light, except for the Black Dog which is a darker roast. I still branch out periodically to try other roasters, but they are my mainstay.


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Local to IL. These guys are a small family business in southern IL and have a neat story. They have good offerings usually and roast well. They are showing a 20% off until March 29th.

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