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PT's added free domestic shipping on all online orders
As a way of saying thanks, we're offering free domestic shipping on all online orders, including active subscriptions, for the foreseeable future. We realize that our product is a luxury for many, and this is one way we can make it easier for you to continue enjoying your morning coffee when so much else is uncertain.
They also have a 4 bag sample pac that you create of the coffees that interest you, 4 x 4 ozs each.


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Times are very tough here in the Boston area. All shops, restaurants are closed except for take out. This force most good coffee shops to close.

One shop, dear to my heart (I am not affiliated with) is Broadsheet in Cambridge. Luckily, they are roasting but apparently are still taking heavy losses (I had a chat with owner).

So if any of you want to help them out, they sell on-line.
And offer free shipping over $25 and $5 flat shipping otherwise (continental US). BTW, they are very passionate about their coffees and it shows in their product.

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It's the same here in IL. Governor announced a mandatory stay at home mandate on Friday until April 7th. Restaurants, coffee shops for dine-in were restricted the week before. It's going to be hard for many businesses, this has a ripple effect. Help support each other during this time.
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placed an order with caffe lusso for the first time - thanks for posting.

any places in illinois anyone can suggest?


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I like the gesha village from black and white coffee. I noticed they are offering free shipping on orders over $25.

Free Shipping on Orders Over $25 - CODE - PANDAYEA (USA orders only | excludes wholesale)

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Linea Caffe in SF. For folks who cannot otherwise afford their coffees, they've added a discount code. If you are able, please consider their normal purchase offerings. But in these times, sales are sales.

Andrew Barnett is a unique prodigy in the world of fine espresso. Please consider supporting him!

GET20 will decrease your total costs. I doubt you'll find better espresso roasted at this level IMO! It's a delicious, light to medium roasted blend the results in incredibly sweet, near M&M's level chocolatey sweetness in the cup.

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which one do you like from linea?

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While I've found everything I've looked for from this thread, it would be ever so much easier if people would be so kind as to include a link to their suggestions.

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ive never used them before but the Black Oak Coffee deal seemed particularly good no?
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