Stumptown Hairbender

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#1: Post by 1rider »

I had the hairbender in a cafe a couple of times and enjoyed it. I was wondering if anyone new if the roast was oily or not? I am trying to help myself understand what I like and don't like and why (which I may never understand). I was thinking of buying some to brew at home.



#2: Post by nsuster »

I've pulled espresso with Hair Bender a bunch. Not oily at all. I would say the roast is medium (maybe medium-dark if comparing to some of the light roasts out there now). I've always enjoyed my Hair Bender shots...I think it's an underrated coffee for espresso.

I think it's an Indonesian blended with some Latin American/African beans.

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1rider (original poster)
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#3: Post by 1rider (original poster) »

Thank you. I will pick some up then and give it a try, I did enjoy it the couple of times I had it as I mentioned.

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#4: Post by MatGreiner »

I did 5# of hair bender recently and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not oily, no roast/smoke flavor. Good depth. I liked it at a tighter ratio and pulled it between 1:1.2 and 1:1.5. Might have gone longer if I could use preinfusion.
Stumptown's House had a baking spice/molasses angle and was also good, but I preferred Hairbender.