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I am going through a bag Ethiopia Worka Sakaro Anaerobic Natural by Red Rooster Coffee. It has a very strong strawberry note that masks almost everything else (barring maybe a subtle chocolate note) going on in this coffee. I doubt that I necessarily enjoy such a heavily polarized profile, but if that's your jam (hehe), you might want to give this one a try. I make lots of cappuccinos and cortados, and with this one I get the feeling that I am drinking a cup of warm strawberry milk (including the sweetness).

Sorry for the misleading title, but I am really impressed. For context, this is my first bag of anaerobic. Can't say that I am a fan yet, but it's nonetheless interesting to experience what coffee can be.

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Sounds delicious, i'm excited to give this a try if its still available in a couple weeks time. This will be my first time trying Red Rooster as well.

Black & White coffee did a Valentines Day blend using a delicious freeze dried strawberry anaerobic fermentation coffee (they added freeze dried strawberries to the anaerobic fermentation processing stage), the shots I was pulling at home were out of this world in sweetness and chocolate strawberry characteristics. They sold out of it very quickly unfortunately, so im excited to get back to trying another strawberry coffee.

Thanks for sharing!!!

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Of course! I'd be curious to hear how this one compares with the B&W one you tried. Unfortunately, I could not find more information on the processing stages for this one, but I'd imagine it to be something similar.


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What has your recipe been for espresso?

So far I've been brewing it for pour-over in a 155 kalita. 5x pour, Hoffmann's latest technique. 16g:250g w/ water at 200F. I've gotten a faint strawberry note, and the cups have been pleasant, but not world changing. Going finer or coarser seem to make my results worse. Any ideas here would be appreciated -- hotter? Fewer pours?

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For espresso, I was doing 15-15.5 g in: 30-34 g out in around 30-35 seconds (including 5-7 sec pre-infusion) at 91 deg C. I use a 15 g precision basket, hence that specific dose. The strawberry note for me was almost overwhelming - both in straight shots and milk drinks - and the espresso was very creamy in texture.

If you are not pulling espresso shots separately, I do not really know how any of these would translate for kalita or pour-overs. Certainly your temperature is 2 deg C higher than what I was using for espresso. In case it's relevant, I should mention that the lower 5 sec pre-infusion time worked (a tiny bit) better than 7 sec.


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Tried it as espresso in my bambino this morning. 15.5g in and 31g out in about 28s, using an IMS basket. I had to grind fairly coarse compared to most other coffees to get that timing.

I got a lot of upfront strawberry flavor, a bit of sweetness, and kind of a rough finish (I'd describe it as "buzzy"). It was an interesting experience.

I also have a nomad, I'll try it in that next and see if I can smooth out the finish.

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Did you try "fine" tuning it? The taste description (assuming I understand "buzzy" correctly) sounds like you may need to increase the extraction percentage. But also the fact that you had to grind coarser than usual to hit the time, which imo is not as important a variable (highly grinder- and particle size distribution-dependent) while working across disparate setups. (How did the trial shots turn out?) Plus, my time included pre-infusion, which changes extraction profile noticeably.

Either way, I can't wait to hear that Nomad made your best cup haha! :P


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Tried it this morning. I went with a slow ramp to 6 bar and held it there. Got 15.5g in and 40g out (Im not weighing during the shot) in about 55s. 200F water.

Definitely a lot of strawberry flavor, that "buzzy" harshness is still there, but better tamed. Also a bit of complexity that I would describe as "funky". Some kind of bitter cocoa finish; maybe a bit too much.

I think I'll go a bit coarser next time? flow rate at 6bar was kinda slow.

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Great coffee, thanks for the reccomendation.
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