Storing coffee beans

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I know this has been covered but wanted to get the latest wisdom. My roaster had a shipping issue and sent a replacement 2 lb bag - of course the original shipment then arrived as well so I have 4 lbs. now -- I normally use up a 2 lb bag in about 9 days, so I'd like to keep the second bag fresh. Freeze, or refrigerate, or just put it the cabinet and stop obsessing -- thoughts?

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#2: Post by mkane »

Vacuum seal and freeze.

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Split into Mason jars big enough to hold 2-3 days worth and then freeze. If you have a chest freezer, they'll hold for a long, long time. In a regular freezer, a couple months, maybe longer if it it doesn't automatically defrost.
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#4: Post by cafeIKE »

Frozen Coffee Storage Calculator from 2010 :shock:

Just finished an 8# order from Canada and only added 0.1g to the dose over the 65 days. Zero change on the Zero :wink:


#5: Post by emradguy »

As already recommended, freeze it. The refrigerator is probably the worst place you can store it.


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We usually order about 3 kg to get free shipping, but our freezer is quite small---Mason jars would not cut it. I've had good experiences freezing 125 g portions in ziploc bags, which are cheap and pretty compact. Push the air out and roll up when sealing. Don't try to refreeze.

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#7: Post by cafeIKE »

Ziploc bags don't always maintain a hermetic seal.
I freeze in US quart mason jars. When I need more coffee, thaw one, fill a couple of 16oz jars and refreeze one. Been doing this for about 15 years and cannot detect a marked change in the 2nd jar.


#8: Post by jpender »

The ziplock bags I've used most definitely are not 100% airtight. Not even close. They will inflate with air. But if you pack them into the freezer in a way that prevents inflation they actually do pretty well. I did some blind taste tests between ziplock bagged coffee and vacuum sealed coffee and I couldn't tell the difference, for those specific coffees. That's not proof that there isn't a difference but suggestive that the effect is minor.

Oxygen is hard to fully remove unless you have a proper vacuum chamber. In any case my guess is that the cold of the freezer is the main thing when it comes to preservation.


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I buy my bags on BOGO day at the local roaster and one goes straight to the freezer as I am a slow drinker. Works fine in the original bag so far.