Square Mile 'Winter Espresso'

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#1: Post by malachi »

A very interesting (and high quality) coffee.

We found two "sweet spots".

Sweet spot one produced a full volume shot with medium body and gorgeous floral and citrus aromatics. Flavours were dominated by tons of fruit (cocktail grapefruit, crisp cherry, dragonfruit, a little green apple) and tons of cane sugar sweetness. Had a very nice, crisp and long-lasting finish. Best as a straight shot or short americano.

Sweet spot two produced a full volume shot with a heavy body and aromatics dominated by nut and sweet chocolate. Flavours of nut butter (closer to hazelnut than peanut), tropical spice (allspice, nutmeg) and chocolate with high notes of the same cane sugar sweetness and some cranberry acidity. Best as a short milk drink or straight shot.

It's a lovely coffee worth seeking out.

The one caveat is that it's rather finicky to work with. Initial shots tended heavily towards sour and unbalanced and the coffee was unforgiving of sloppy technique.

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#2: Post by Theodore »

I tried this blend too.I learned about it, from Malte. Very satisfied.So,I bought it for a second time.
I made a triple today,(21g), which drove me turbo.(Too much caffeine for me).
I now ask Malachi,at what brew temperature,you found it better?I try it now,at 94C.
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#3: Post by shadowfax »

Chris, funny you should mention this! I just got a bag of Winter Espresso and a bag of the Los Luchadores to boot. I just tried a shot and macchiato, and I think I am closer to your "sweet spot #2," but I am not sure. The beans also smell of warm butter with some chocolate and spice. It looks to be very interesting,

What were your parameters for each sweet spot? So far all I have done is a 14g shot that was a bit lungo (20 s pour, maybe 2.2 oz.; ~199F). It's my very first shot (dialing in). I think I'll up the dose by a gram before I make a grind adjustment.

Thanks for bringing this coffee up. Square Mile is pricey because of the shipping, but they've got some excellent coffees. I'd love to see some more home baristas splurge and try this coffee out as well.
Nicholas Lundgaard

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#4: Post by HB »

FYI, they offer brew parameters on their website:
Square Mile Coffee Roasters wrote:We would recommend the following brew recipe as a starting point:

Dose 19-20g
Brew Temperature 202°F-203°F/94.5°-95.5°C
Brew Time 25-28s
Total Volume approx. 50ml
Brew Ratio 60% approx.

This was based on using a Synesso Cyncra with a flat line temperature profile.
Dan Kehn

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malachi (original poster)

#5: Post by malachi (original poster) »

Sweet Spot #1: 19 grams, 201.5F, 27s, 2oz
Sweet Spot #2: 19.5 grams, 202.5F, 25s, 2oz
"Taste is the only morality." -- John Ruskin