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2 weeks ago I bought coffee beans from a local roaster (origin Los Osos Colombia). Generally I have great experience with this roaster. This time I notices when opening the package that the coffee had a very sour smell. When I started brewing, the coffee was very sour as well. Obviously I tried grinding finer, dosing down and longer extraction times to make sure it wasn't underextracted, but the taste was still awefully sour. Now I'm wondering, is there anything I'm missing or could anything have gone wrong in the roasting process that I should report to the roaster?
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Does it taste vegetal, green? If so you might suspect under development. I have one such coffee right now from a very renowned roaster. It happens.

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CoffeeBay (original poster)

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Thanks! That might be it. I'll check in with the roaster then.

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#4: Post by TomC »

You might actually try something quite the opposite with it. Grind coarser, and use a very low temp, like 180 and see what you get as well.

You can extract all sorts of odd and sometimes sour flavors with dense Colombians and Kenyan's ( I find) occasionally. It's worth playing with on that end of the spectrum and seeing what you get. This also occasionally mitigates the tomato soup flavor in underdeveloped Colombian and Kenyan Coffees. Alas, tomato soup isn't sour, but worth checking.