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The reynolds vacuum bags have a 'ziplock' type seal.
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Seems like that type of seal on a vacuum bag could develop problems if you reuse the bags which I imagine most would be doing considering the cost. The Foodsaver heat seals the seam so it can't fail if its done right initially.

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I don't re-use the bags at this point. I imagine that they would wear out fairly easily.
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For my next experiment I'm going to try 1.4 oz baby food jars. Un-vacuumed ziplock bags did not perform all that well.

Some interesting ideas here on making one-way valves for jars:
See "Temperature Profiled Immersion Brewing By Smell" in 'Brewing'

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I purposefully put coffee that goes to the freezer in jars without the one way valve. I want them to be tightly sealed and that one way valve is not reliable in a frozen state.

I keep a set of jars with one-way valves for that coffee that will be sitting out, used within a week and not to be frozen.

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another_jim wrote:A little known fact: Planks constant is 5 trillion times higher for any coffee container stored inside household freezers than in the rest of the universe. So off flavors are quantum tunneling their way into your coffee (thanks to George Gamow)
Actually, that is Planck's constant. As is Max Planck, physicist. In any case, being a little pedantic, I have to note that Planck's constant is really constant for everything. Including coffee beans.