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Abe Carmeli
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malachi wrote:Stumptown Ethiopia Sidamo.

Incredible heavy sweet shot. Tons of fruit (dried berries, plums), milk chocolate, vanilla/floral/strawberry quik aromatics, hints of hide/leather and a nice toasted malt note.
I just had a shot of it. Strawberries up to my gills, and indeed very sweet. If you are on the hunt for the elusive reddish crema, this one will deliver a cup red enough to stop traffic.
Abe Carmeli

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Compass Coffee

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casper wrote:Tried some city roasted Yirg for kicks, it's too much by itself (unless you folks found a way to make it work as an SO espresso).
Actually pulled a Yirg' ristretto yesterday that was fantastic. Sure it was bright and flowery - it's Yirg'! But not sharp or acrid at all, quite smooth intense Yirg'. I was quite surprised. Pulled the about 18gr double shot in LM ridged about 202F (12oz flush from idle, 'bout 1min prep PF, flush and go 4sec end of dance), 1sec preinfusion, 'bout 1oz @ 25sec. (rotary Bric', 1 to 1.2bar boiler)

Greens (from SM) roasted City+ 5 days vac rest, via dual variable boost voltage Rosto. Profile wasn't targeted for shots but for "coffee" (Americano or Vac) Normally espresso roasts I use a bit slower profile. Surprised me such an excellent ristretto. Profile bean mass temps 200F@1min, 250F@2min, then straight 25F per min ramp to 400F@*min, 15F per min to 430F@10min, 10F per min to 445 @ 11:30 held bean mass temp 15sec @445F EOR (1st start about 410F, anticipated 2nd 450-455F) Cooled to 200F 2min, 100F 4min.

This time of year Debi likes Eggnog caps, I usually don't go for them. But today was thinking about that Yirg' shot, made a Yirg'Nog cap finished with a grind of nutmeg for Debi, I tasted it and excellent, I liked it! (no it's not espresso but a desert Holiday drink) The Yirg' and Nog really compliment each other IMO.

FWIW been about 2&1/2 days and I'm lovin' the Bric' :!: :D :!:
Mike McGinness, Head Bean (Owner/Roast Master)